Personalized Automated Solutions to Fit Your Lifestyle

Home Automation Products, also known as smart products, make it possible to take care of many everyday tasks and control devices at your home from anywhere.

Monitoring Home Automation from an iPad
  • Manage devices remotely or set up customized events & triggers to manage them for you
  • Control and adjust from your iphone, ipad, smartphone, or computer
  • Monitor internal and external activity at your home from anywhere
  • Receive email and text alert notifications such as when children arrive home

Home Automation can Make Your Home Safer, Smarter, and More Efficient

Remote Control Convenience at Your Fingertips

Energy Efficiency and Management
Control thermostats, outlets, sensors, and timers, plumbing and sprinkler systems

Control Lighting
Light dimmers and switches, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting

Wake up to freshly brewed coffee and a nice warm house

Home Entertainment
Control your television, DVD players, and music

View Status of the Lights in Your Home in Each Room on Smartphone
Customized Triggers Automatically Turn Lights On and Off
You can create multi-function programs with customized triggers to automatically send alerts to any mobile device.
  • Home automation can include scheduled and non-scheduled events
  • Set your lights to go on when the sun goes down
  • Program your blinds to open and close at specific times of the day
  • Automatically turn on all the lights in your home if the security alarm is triggered

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