Protect Yourself and Your Family from this Invisible Deadly Gas

State of the Art, Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced whenever any fuel such as gas, oil, kerosene, wood, or charcoal is burned.

If appliances that burn fuel are maintained and used properly, the amount of CO produced is usually not hazardous. However, if appliances are not working properly or are used incorrectly, dangerous levels of CO can result.

Colorado law requires carbon monoxide detectors in all homes with a fuel-fired heater or appliance, a fireplace, or an attached garage. A CO detector must be installed within 15 feet of each room used for sleeping.

Make sure your Carbon Monoxide Detector is rated for high altitude!

Designed to warn the end-user well before the CO reaches a fatal level, our carbon monoxide detector’s CO sensitivity is evaluated to the UL 2034 standard for safety.

You can’t see or smell carbon monoxide, but at high levels, it can kill in minutes. Hundreds of accidental deaths occur every year from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by malfunctioning or improperly used fuel-burning appliances.

Because carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, our CO Sensors can help save lives. Before the minute readings reach a dangerous level you’ll be alerted so you can sleep a little easier.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
CO is the leading cause of death by poisoning in the United States
  • CO is a silent killer
  • Sources of CO are your fireplace, furnace, water heater, spa heater, grill, stove, oven, space heaters, and cars.
  • Unintentional CO exposure accounts for an estimated 15,000 emergency department visits.
  • According to the CDC, Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused “…an average of 430 deaths per year”. 

To Have a Monitored Carbon Monoxide Detector Installed in Your Home or Business