Customizable Solutions Ensure Your Protection 24/7

Security Solutions for Your Business

Apex offers a broad range of business alarm systems and security services to protect your property, valuable assets, employees, customers, and clients.

Dedicated backup keeps you connected if the phone line is cut or the power goes out.

Control at Your Fingertips

With Apex Security’s free mobile apps, you have control at your fingertips from wherever you are.  Optional services can even provide you with two-way voice technology to ensure you are always connected during an emergency.

Your security system panels sends an alert to you at the first sign of tampering or entry.  You also can receive regular emails or text notifications of any activity on premises.  

See for yourself how Apex Security can help protect your business with the most current tools and support.

Professional Business Security Consultants

Our professional security consultants will help identify vulnerable areas of your business and will design a custom security system that best suits your needs.

Apex will design, engineer, install, service, and monitor security systems for any business facility including offices, retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants, libraries, museums, and schools.

Did You Know
Burglar Attempting Break in
A Burglary Occurs Every 15 Seconds in the United States

Businesses in the US Lose Over $14 Billion Each Year from Burglary

Approximately 2 Million Businesses are Burglarized Annually

There are Over 10 Million Property-Related Crimes Each Year

These Crimes Result in Property Losses of Over $4 Billion a Year

We Take the Time to Identify Your Security Needs and Provide Custom Solutions